alphen a/d rijn

The new Goedhart, a pleasant, efficient and strong Bouwcenter formula. Even in seemingly difficult times, factors that lead to success . Not everything is new but everything is better! The location in Alphen a/d Rijn not only features the new Bouwcenter corporate identity but was also optimized by finishing dutch in close cooperation with Goedhart. The navigation is clarified and the routing is improved. It leads the customer with his transporter via the entire outside area through the drive-in, and finally to the counter of the build shop. The service and the customer are placed in the center again. Finishing dutch designed an open counter and together with Goedhart they re-developed the customer promises and made them visible again. Also the diversity of the product lines has been made more visible. BC Goedhart and Veris revised the entire range of products . Finishing dutch developed a new sales display in which the promotions are accentuated.  Also the depth of the product range is more visible, for example by the attention given to the shop-n-shop of pick-up-stock building materials, and by clustering products based on the building related activities such as brick-laying or carpeting.

construction and building materials

total area 10.100 m2

  • pick and ride drive-in 2.570 m2

  • shop 775 m2

alphen aan de rijn

the netherlands