wörgl, Austria for JDV

The new Market Hall concept of the Eurogast. The success of the supply and online in general has led to the repositioning of the traditional C&C market. Based on a new strategy, Eurogast Riedhart focuses on regional products, food inspiration and top quality of fresh. Everyone can buy in the store as usual, but the customer has to visit the market because he wants to feel, see, smell, hear and taste. And the "Riedhart’s Markthalle" has become tasty. Entry directly at fresh. In the market halls heart wine, a bistro and the open kitchen. And also an non-food area of 700 m2 of tableware and gastro accessories. Riedhart's Markthalle is the regional supplier of quality food and food preparation for professionals and food lovers.

4500m2 C&C market

14000m2 warehouse

22000 Articles

Eurogast Österreich

new C&C concept

JDV project